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Assuring Freshness & Ease of Preparation


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Always Safe
& Certified

  • The freshest fish, cut and packed on same day
  • Ideal portion sizes – no waste!
  • Clear, understandable labels showing:
    • Where your fish comes from
    • How to cook & recipe ideas
  • Easy to peel film
  • “Environmentality” – trays are recyclable and utilize recycled materials


Our seafood is packed in the latest technology to ensure freshness.

no waste and ease of preparation.

Often consumers do not have a clear idea how to cook seafood or what best recipe to use – Santa Monica Seafood ensures that our fabulous fresh fish is trimmed to avoid waste and has clear, easy-to-follow cooking instructions and recipe ideas.


We believe that just as seafood is good for you, it should also be convenient to purchase, easy to store and simple to prepare and cook!


  • Ideal portion sizes, no waste
  • Recyclable trays
  • Maintains freshness
  • Easy to store (and freeze when needed)
  • Easy to open
  • Clear labeling and traceability
  • Cooking Instructions & Easy Recipe Ideas

Finest seafood. It all starts with the freshest, best quality seafood sourced from certified farms and fisheries. Selected for you, pan ready so there is no waste!

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Freezer-safe. Easy to freeze for later use – packaging helps you avoid freezer burn or leaks and clear labeling describes product and date!

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BPA free. BPA is a synthetic compound found in many plastics – not in ours!

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Vacuum sealed for freshness. We cut and pack our seafood in our own state-of-the-art facilities, ensuring the fastest possible time between sea and our customers’ plates.

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Easy peel film and corner tab for extra convenience – No scissors needed!

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Easy to read label shows where fish comes from, how fresh it is and how to cook it!

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We source the best fish from all over the world, but we process and pack in the USA to highest global food safety standards.

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Recyclability, Single-use plastic is a big problem in food packaging and especially if it gets in our oceans. Our trays are are fully recyclable, made of #1 PETE – just remove the label and top film – #1 PETE is the mostly widely accepted at recycling centers.

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What We Do

  • Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to walk into a retail grocery store and buy the same quality seafood (at a reasonable price) served at white-tablecloth restaurants?
  • Starting with the very best raw seafood materials, Santa Monica Seafood carefully selects fish from certified sources around the world.  It is then processed and prepared according to only the highest international standards.


  • Wouldn’t it be even nicer if the seafood was packaged in a consumer-friendly way to ensure freshness and ease of preparation?
  • Santa Monica Seafood makes selecting and preparing fresh seafood simple and worry free.
  • Products range from simple portion-pack fish to value-added seafood dishes which are ready to cook.
  • Santa Monica Seafood delivers fresh cut, prepackaged seafood products to retail locations throughout the U.S. from state-of-the-art facilities in Rancho Dominguez, CA or Chicago, IL.

Where We Supply

Santa Monica Seafood can supply chilled Case-Ready seafood across North America from our 2 sites


Santa Monica Seafood is a Chilled Food Company Operating in the Seafood Category


  • Our products benefit from Santa Monica Seafood’s more than 80 years of experience in responsible seafood sourcing
  • Company philosophy reflects generations of involvement in fisheries around the world
  • Over 60 species from fully certified sources
  • Founding members of the Sustainable Seafood Forum and seek out suppliers and fishermen who share our philosophy
  • Actively work with NGO’s on the development of our responsible sourcing programs e.g.
  • The Marine Stewardship Council, Monterey Bay Aquarium, Aquaculture Certification Council (BAP), Global G.A.P, Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC), WWF


  • Premier multi-species seafood processor and distributor in the U.S. – family owned since 1939
  • Extensive market knowledge gained through years of experience in both foodservice & grocery
  • 120,000 ft2 headquarters in Rancho Dominguez, CA along with another 80,000 ft2 of additional satellite distribution and/or processing locations in CA, AZ, NV, NM and TX plus 2 retail seafood stores and cafes in CA
  • Specialists in bringing high quality, value-added proteins to retail markets.
  • Extensive experience in seafood production and case-ready/value-added processing
focused on chilled Case-Ready seafood
  • Wealth of experience with value added case-ready format
  • Market leader in chilled short-life seafood
  • Market leader in packaging solutions, food safety and product development

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